Title: Community Health Ambassador

Job Location: London

Job Type: Full Time

Pay: £TBC


Join the Community Health Ambassadors Network to help and inform your community during the pandemic and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Community Health Ambassadors Network empowers and supports Southwark residents to protect themselves and their communities.

**Be in the know and pass on accurate information to help your community**
We provide Ambassadors with accurate information and resources so that they can help their local communities in the fight against COVID-19. For example, we ensure Ambassadors have accurate details of current restrictions, guidelines, local testing, vaccinations in the Borough as well as specific advice for groups such as parents, students and faith groups in addition to informing people what support is available if their finances, mental health or food security has been affected by the pandemic. We have information in multiple languages and alternative formats for people with disabilities. We also help with myth busting and verifying information, and Southwark’s Public Health team are on hand to answer questions and concerns from the community. You will pass on relevant information to your networks, communities, friends and family. You can use whatever methods you think will best reach them – organising virtual meetings, phone calls, sending leaflets by email, sharing graphics and videos on social media and WhatsApp etc.

**Ensure your community’s voice is heard and their questions answered**
If you are interested in joining, you will start by attending an Induction. In this virtual session, we give a short presentation about some of the key COVID-19 health messages and the role of an Ambassador, followed by an interactive session in small groups to hear about you and your community’s experiences, questions, and concerns about COVID-19. We also want to hear what further information, resources, translations or other support you think would help. Your feedback is passed onto Southwark Council to help them more effectively respond to communities, ensure they are reaching everyone, help reduce health inequalities and improve trust. You can provide further feedback and information about the barriers and difficulties your community is facing at any time using the anonymous Community Feedback Form, as well as through the Ambassadors WhatsApp group and Network Catchups and Webinars.

**Who can be an Ambassador?**
Community Southwark is supporting Southwark Council to run the Network. We currently have over 100 local people signed up and actively helping their community. The Network is open to absolutely everyone living or working in Southwark and everyone’s voice is important. Ambassadors include local residents, faith groups, voluntary sector workers, volunteers, medical professionals, teachers, TRAs, and Councillors. If you want to make a difference during this difficult time, then please get in touch and help us prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you wish to find out more about this opportunity, please send through your CV to jobs@creationtrust.org or call on 0207 701 2982.