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We are proud to announce a new series of workshops to support you with finding a job and tackling issues in your life surrounding work. Please see below for further information and how to register.

Interview Skills

Using the STAR technique, we will give you hints and tips to make sure that you master the art of presenting yourself professionally when you are called in for an interview.

Representing Yourself

An introduction on how to present yourself to other people and be better organised to tackle day to day problems effectively.

Family Dynamics

A session where the dynamics of the people who are closest to you are broken down and evaluated to see how they influence your employment related decisions.

Eating Healthily

A guide to eating healthily on a budget! Eating healthily plays a massive role in our day to day well being. Attend this session to find out how to get more out of what you eat and how to shop effectively.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Keep fit and active for work! This session provides information about the importance of fitness and the impact it has on our day to day lives including tips on how to make the most of what you have available to you in your local area.

Debt Management

Hints and tips on how to manage your current finances and debts effectively. Suitable for those on Universal Credit and those who may have recently found employment.

Confidence and Motivation

Build your confidence and motivation by exploring how you can develop skills to tackle life’s challenges to become more positive.

Making Change

For those who have recently found employment after a long period out of work, you may find the experience quite overwhelming. Attend this session to apply our tips which can support you on your journey.

Digital Help

Hints and tips on how to use computers and the internet effectively, whether in the work place or to support self-employment.

Accessing Local Services

An introduction on how to access services in your local community to support you in everyday life.



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