Job Title: Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator 

Job Location: London

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: £25,000/annum

South London Cares are hiring a Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator to work closely with our dedicated team to develop, deepen and expand our outreach programme and the management of our large network of volunteers. You will meet hundreds of older people and young professionals, helping to create friendships across the generations, tackling isolation and loneliness of both younger and older Londoners alike, and ensuring our safeguarding, records, and storytelling procedures are upheld to the highest standards.

All of that requires a broad skill set, with particular emphasis on organisation and communication, and characteristics including confidence, personal warmth, determination and resilience. In this role you will be at the heart of the charity, enabling older and younger Londoners to be part of the South London Cares network and participate in our programmes.

You will lead our volunteer induction and onboarding processes, to enthuse, motivate and mobilise dozens of young professionals to spend time with their older neighbours and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

You will meet older neighbours in various circumstances – ranging from the most active, outgoing fun-loving 90-somethings to people facing huge and complex personal challenges whilst navigating complicated support systems.

You will lead our innovative, proactive annual Winter Wellbeing Project helping older neighbours to stay warm, active, healthy and connected during the most isolating time of year – through a combination of outreach, interventions and interactions.

You will be the chief communicator with our community partners within local statutory services, NHS services, housing services, charities and community groups.

To all groups, you will confidently and clearly articulate South London Cares’ vision and the aims and objectives of the charity so that all participants and stakeholders – including older and younger neighbours, family members, health agencies, councils and other partners – understand the unique role we play.

When you join our team, you will work predominantly from our office space in the heart of Brixton. A lot of your time will also be spent out in the community, encouraging older neighbours and young professionals to join the network, holding meetings across Southwark and Lambeth and presenting to various partner organisations key to the successful delivery of our outreach and volunteer work and our overall vision.

We therefore need someone who understands and is motivated by the demographics and social challenges of Southwark and Lambeth – and in particular who is passionate about people and can clearly promote our vision for building friendships across deepening divides in order to tackle isolation and loneliness in those boroughs.

We are looking for someone who can relate to people from all backgrounds, someone equally comfortable discussing illness and isolation with a 93-year-old on an estate in Peckham as they are presenting to Clinical Commissioning Groups and networking with young professionals to generate volunteer sign ups.

You will be trusted to work dynamically and independently across this exciting young charity, with a growing profile and backing from major local and national supporters. You will also be provided with the development opportunities, professional support and networks to play a lasting, transformative role in the development of the “Cares” vision and family.

If you wish to find out more about this opportunity, please send through your CV to or call him on 0207 701 2982.