Zoom In!

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Due to the current Corona virus pandemic we have been exploring a range of methods to hold appointments.   We believe that we have found a useful tool in using ZOOM digital/video platform

To this end, when you register with us, we may invite you to join weekly catch up sessions. We will give you an update of local services and opportunities and also make sure that you are doing ok.  You will need a wi-fi/internet/mobile phone connection to join us.

Please see joining instructions below.

-Type in www.zoom.us into the address bar of the web browser.

-In the top right corner there will be an tab saying “Sign up! It’s Free”. 

-Enter your personal information and create a zoom account. 

-The Zoom website will send you an email to confirm your account.

-Login into your Zoom account; the login icon can be found next to the “Sign up! It’s Free” tab.

-Once you have signed in, copy and paste the email link we have sent to you for the meeting you are invited to (highlight the link, right click with the mouse on it and then select copy. Then right click in the address bar, right click with the mouse and select paste). 

-A window will come up with a link and ask you to “download and run”. Click on this link. 

-A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click “Run” on this bar.

-Wait a few seconds and a new window will open up and ask you to “Join with video”. Click on this. 

-Another prompt will come up asking you to “Join with computer audio”. Click on this.

If you have any technical difficulties please call this telephone number: 0207708 4088