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Skilled It!

On July 26th we held our “Skilled it!” event for young people aged 16 to 25 years.

The main purpose of the event was to provide information as to what services were available locally to support young people into either employment or to further their goals. Attendees were given the opportunity to meet with community partners which included Inspire, Burgess Sports, Cambridge House and London Youth Support Trust.

In total 30 local young people attended the event. They were provided with a free hot Caribbean lunch; a goody bag; a £15 H&M Gift Voucher and a “Skilled it!” T-shirt.

We asked the young people to feedback what they would like to see more of in the local  community, with the majority saying they would like more youth clubs, employment opportunities, training programmes and gyms.  The SE17Working Team will be looking at these suggestions in order to support these views.

Nils Bendle – Employment Advisor


Case Study

Carwayne was advised to meet Creation Trust by an existing client. Carwayne initially came in to register with us in June. Since then Carwayne has participated in a number of activities. We created her CV for her and helped her apply for different jobs. She has also been to nearly all the workshops we have run recently including Confidence and Motivation, Interview Techniques, Video Interviewing and Skills Profiling. Carwayne has always shown enthusiasm in these workshops and, being very outgoing, has contributed to creating a community atmosphere for other people who have attended as well. Carwayne has secured a position at EAT, in one of their branches in central London and says to anyone looking for work “Keep going and keep applying. You might get some knock backs but the reality is even though you might not feel like you are getting anywhere, don’t give up”.