The SE17 Working team works to find vacancies for you on a weekly basis. Please keep looking on our website for regular updates on our advertised jobs. We also send out a text each week about our “hot jobs”.



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Over the past few years SE17working, Creation’s employment programme, has achieved great things by securing over 696 jobs for local residents. You can see some of their case studies on this site.  We are pleased to say that Nils and Valerie, our Employment Advisors, will be working alongside  Notting Hill Genesis  (NHG) over the next few months.  Nils and Valerie will support NHG’s great work in placing Southwark residents into training and employment.  


NHG and Creation Trust  will  continue to work together in finding jobs and matching them with residents who are looking for work.  Both organisations will provide in-work support to help people get and keep the jobs they want. Pre- employment training courses will be provided to those who need them. . 


Eleanor Purser, Director of Regeneration at NHG says;


Together with Southwark Council we are determined that regeneration brings opportunities to residents on the existing neighbourhood and across the borough. We have been delighted to work alongside Creation Trust for the last four years and that through our partnership with the Council we have been able to contribute financially to the essential, but independent support and advocacy they offer to residents affected by the regeneration. Closer working and sharing of best practice in how we can enable jobs and training is an opportunity to deepen our partnership and have the greatest possible positive impact on the well-being and success of residents and their communities in Southwark .”


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Positive Views

Positive Views are an exciting charity who will be running a 10 week course through Creation Trust to empower 16 – 25 year olds. Positive Views help young people learn about confidence, motivation and life skills to prepare them for work by teaching them all about documentary and portrait photography.

The course begins on the 30th August 2018 and has limited spaces! Please contact Nils on 0207 701 2982 or nils@creationtrust,.org to book a space ASAP!!

Please feel free to click on the link below for more information:

Positive View Arts Empowerment Programme



 SE17Working was created to fulfil Creation Trusts 4 key activity areas, namely:

-Delivering youth programmes to increase educational attainment, improve well-being and reduce anti-social behaviour

-Supporting vulnerable residents who are isolated and at risk with a focus on depression and anxiety for all ages & advocating for them

-Delivering services for adults to improve their skills, economic opportunities and well-being

-Providing residents with opportunities and information to encourage them to participate in their local community

 We have consistently focused and worked within these areas, and believe that the proposed future projects will continue to do so. 

-The L&Q funding element of the Programme has now ended. It has been agreed by the Board that SE17Working Programme continue to support tackling unemployment on the estate and neighbouring streets.

-There is an estimated £55,000 for employment projects with the retention of 2 FTE staff members.  

-Creation recognises the need to ensure it is working closely with local partners and the opportunities that the redevelopment will provide through the supply chain, including apprenticeships, which will come through partnership working with Notting Hill Genesis.  Work and Training opportunities will continue to be promoted through the SE17Working website and Echo, and resources will be shared to collaborate on employability programme delivery going forward. 



Proposed delivery 2017 – 2018  

-Job Search and bespoke one to one Support will be retained.  This activity will be coordinated by the SE17Working Employment Advisor, with a target of 60 job outcomes per annum. 

-Short courses is a key element of the SE17Working Programme.  Attendance continues to be high with clients moving on to further training and employment.   Courses are designed to PTTLS/DTTLS standards which played a role in the success of the Fast track to Employment; Work Out Well! (WOW); STAR; Confidence and Motivation; Job Goals and Skills Profiling workshops/courses.    

-With Funding from the Big Lottery Fund Awards for All Programme, the ‘English Breakfast’ Project will be delivered aimed at parents in local schools and those whom need to develop their language skills, to help with an identified literacy and numeracy skills gap.

-Following on from the success of Skilled it! and the Vlogging project, employment skills based training for young people aged 16-25 will be delivered over the year, incorporating Arts Awards accreditation where possible as Creation Trust is now registered as an Arts Awards Assessment Centre.

-The Giraffe House has proven to be an asset as a Training centre attracting bookings from DWP contractors/subcontractors including Pecan, Go train, and Aim Apprenticeships.  We will assist these training providers, and more, with recruiting local people onto courses held here, and support the same with job search on course completion.

-Working with Southwark Young advisors and other local youth providers, we will explore how to engage and support the hardest to reach young people aged 16 and under, and those at risk, with a regular evening activity based at the Giraffe House.   Working with this age group is paramount in developing the future stability of the area, therefore resources will be invested into ensuring small local providers have skilled and qualified staff available at all times when delivering services for this age group.

-In collaboration with the School of Social Entrepreneurs, and following on from the success of the Pop up Shop and Aylesbury Apprentice, sessions will be delivered to develop business ideas and explore the development of interim use of spaces for local interest and benefit.

For the full report please click the link below:

SE17Working REPORT 2018 Final

Case Study

Carwayne was advised to meet Creation Trust by an existing client. Carwayne initially came in to register with us in June. Since then Carwayne has participated in a number of activities. We created her CV for her and helped her apply for different jobs. She has also been to nearly all the workshops we have run recently including Confidence and Motivation, Interview Techniques, Video Interviewing and Skills Profiling. Carwayne has always shown enthusiasm in these workshops and, being very outgoing, has contributed to creating a community atmosphere for other people who have attended as well. Carwayne has secured a position at EAT, in one of their branches in central London and says to anyone looking for work “Keep going and keep applying. You might get some knock backs but the reality is even though you might not feel like you are getting anywhere, don’t give up”.